Latest Information About My Work as an Artist

Tufted Tit Mouse Wins First Place

2021 firstplace

This year's Brush & Palette art show was a wonderful success. I received five ribbons in various categories. My small bird paintings were very popular as many flew out the door to find new homes with happy purchasers.

Artist of the Year

Shimmer, oil, 12x24

Great news to share! The Sanford Brush & Palette Art Club has chosen me to be Artist of the Year. It is such an honor to be recognized by this wonderful art group. A vital part of this title is having a solo art show sometime in 2022. That means I will be very busy creating 20-30 new paintings. Looks like I will be busy for a while. I have included a peek at what will be in the show.


Bella, oil, 14x11

Let me introduce you to Bella. She was a commissioned painting I recently completed. I enjoy painting animals and Bella has so much love in her eyes that I couldn't resist painting her portrait.

For the Love of Birds

Carolina Wren Stops to Visit, oil, 5x7

Here's a cheeky Carolina Wren. She was a special commission from a dear friend to gift to her sister. I am very partial to birds and have a few feeders and bird houses in my yard. The trick is to sit perfectly still and to lure the birds with seeds so they will visit you. Then you must be patient waiting for these tiny creatures to come to you. They always reward me with song and sometimes with gentle tapping at my window.

Best in Show!


“Mid Town Showers” won Best in Show” in the 53rd Annual Art Show for the Sanford Brush and Palette Club.
It was an honor to have been selected for this award.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Here is Gael Hogan, the model for “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.

This painting won the Peer Choice Award from the members of The Sanford Brush and Palette Club.

My Model Poses by His Portrait, “Planning the Putt”


Plein Air Painting in Sanford


Hey, I made the front page of The Sanford Herald. My art club sponsored a Plein Air event.
There were eight artists enjoying the day by painting outside.


Here is one of the paintings I completed that morning.

Sanford Brush and Palette Art Show 2016


This year’s Sanford Brush and Palette Art Show was held the last week in October. My painting, “Still Life with Onion”, won a first place ribbon in the Still Life category. I had painted this small piece at a workshop this past spring with instructors Adam Clague and his accomplished wife, Andrea.


This painting was named by my husband… ”Does This Appeal to You”. It won a first prize in the miniature category.